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Phase-One Orthodontics – Dallas, TX

Early Intervention for Healthier, Straighter Smiles

At Lakewood Orthodontics, Dr. Patricia Simon is a trusted pediatric orthodontist in Dallas who understands the developmental problems that can occur early on in life. When the teeth and jaw are not properly aligned and working harmoniously, it can lead to a future consisting of multiple extractions and even surgical procedures. Fortunately, with the help of Phase-One Orthodontics, she can begin to treat these issues and minimize the risk of more complex orthodontic care later in life. If you believe your child might benefit from this type of treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Why Your Child Should See an Orthodontist Before the Age of 7

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According to the American Association of Orthodontists, you should schedule your child’s first orthodontic visit by the age of 7. The reason for this is that by this age, they should have all their baby teeth, and a skilled professional can easily evaluate how your child’s teeth, jaw, and full facial structure are working together. With early examination, it is possible for Dr. Simon to detect any problems and provide the appropriate method of treatment to mitigate future issues that might include more extensive oral procedures.

Does My Child Need Phase-One Orthodontics?

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Only your child’s orthodontist in Dallas can determine if they need Phase-One Orthodontics. During a regular visit, if your child has any of the following, there is a good chance they will be recommended for this type of treatment:

  • Baby teeth are preventing adult teeth from fully erupting
  • The jaw does not appear proportional to the rest of their head
  • They have a speech impediment
  • They are unable to breathe through their nose
  • Teeth appear crooked, gapped, or crowded
  • Teeth are protruding
  • They practiced thumb-sucking as a baby, and it has affected their facial development

Should Phase-One Orthodontics be necessary, they will receive braces or an orthodontic appliance that helps to move their teeth and jaw into proper alignment.

What Happens After Phase-One Orthodontics?

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Because treatment should only last about one year depending on the severity of the problem, your child will then wait until all their permanent teeth erupt. Throughout this process, you will need to bring them in for regular observation with Dr. Simon, so she can make sure no problems are developing during this “resting” phase. If your child’s problems were not fully addressed with Phase-One, it may be necessary for them to move onto Phase-Two Orthodontics, which involves correcting issues related to your child’s permanent teeth. They should be properly spaced and function alongside their lips, tongue, and nearby teeth. It is likely your child will have braces on the upper and lower rows of teeth, and the timeline for treatment will vary from patient to patient.

Things to Remember

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When pursuing orthodontic treatment for your child, you’ll be pleased to learn the process is actually much easier because their facial and oral structures are not fully developed or permanently set in place. With the help of braces and/or other orthodontic appliances, we can easily move and shift their teeth and jaw to achieve desired results.

Having your child see a licensed and qualified orthodontist is essential because of their vast knowledge and experience in treating developing smiles. With a personalized treatment plan designed to address these problems early on, you can feel more confident that your child will possess a healthy, beautiful smile as they get older and avoid timely, costly, and complex oral care in the future.